Management buyouts

Our job is to find you the best route to making your MBO happen. If you are a non shareholding manager, an MBO is often the safest and quickest route to you running your own company.

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Making the MBO Happen

Epsilon will focus on structuring a deal that enables your MBO to happen. Our team will engage with management to ensure your objectives are met and that the business plan is sound and demonstrates absolute commitment. Our aim is to structure an MBO that works for all parties taking into account the personal circumstances of the individuals involved and the requirements of the investor options available.

Developing the Partnership

An MBO requires a partnership approach. Our aim is to ensure that new investors and existing management are aligned. The Epsilon involvement is far deeper than just funding. Our teams have personal experience of making a business happen, that experience in aligning all parties is invaluable.

Balancing Funding Approach

MBO’s often fall down when teams believe they don’t have sufficient finances to structure a deal. Our aim is to balance the level of management equity with other forms of available funding, ensuring that each individual contribution is meaningful and demonstrates commitment to third party investors. Our aim is to ensure that the management team has the best chance of success in achieving its goals from the outset.

Corporate Finance Sources

Our team will review available funding to ensure that your MBO is sufficiently backed at all times during the business cycle. Our team will look at innovative ways of funding the MBO ensuring that after a given period the management team have the best opportunity to own the business.

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