Business mergers

Epsilon will unite your business with your perfect partner through our extensive networks of investors and active buyers.

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Identifying business synergy

The combination of business activities for the benefit of both organisations, very simple to say, very difficult to achieve. Our goal is to find partners that will improve performance, decrease costs and drive value for both organisations and key stakeholders.

Sharpening business focus and diversification

Reduce the impact of a declining market by diversifying and acquiring a portfolio where there are common skills and expertise to draw upon. The Epsilon team are experts in identifying merger targets to enable further growth and expansion in diverse market segments. Epsilon will seek out companies with deep market penetration in areas of operations you want to focus upon and grow.


Cut through the pain, uncertainty and risk of implementing an organic growth strategy. Epsilon have access to clients seeking Horizontal Merger targets to consolidate operations and increase market share.

Elimination of the competition

The most advantageous position to be in if you are the company being purchased. You will achieve the highest value for your company and find the process is far more lenient. Our team know what is hot and the right time to sell, making our experience invaluable. Recent sales by the Epsilon team have generated EBITDA exit premiums exceeding 20 multiples by just knowing when the time is right.

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  • Professional, hardworking and capable brokers.

    Technology Sector

  • Insightful discussions into the sale process that helped us over achieve our financial objectives.

    Hospitality Sector

  • Clearly not your typical business brokerage, open and honest, communicating clearly throughout the journey.

    IT/Communications Sector

  • Understood the value of our business and how to convey that value to the market.

    Software/Media Sector


5 tips for selling your company