Our team is united in our experience and drive to make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


Patrick Copping

Founder and Managing Partner

Patrick has spent most of his professional career (spanning almost 20 years) working within the Telecommunications, IT and Technology sectors. Patrick started his career with BT, working closely with the R&D and Research Teams facilitating go to market strategies for new products and services. Patrick held senior Sales, Marketing and Operations positions within the Technology sector before becoming an Entrepreneur and going it alone.

Patrick has been a principle owner of several start up’s so understands what it takes to start, build and exit a company to gain maximum strategic value. Patrick has the ability to see opportunity and build a lateral strategy to take full advantage of changing market conditions, this intuition has in most cases achieved great results.

Patrick has been involved as a principle lead and team member on several MBO’s and company exits over the past decade. Patrick sold his Unified Communications company in 2013, achieving a multiple of 22 times EBITDA (Sold to Private Equity). Patrick understands that selling a company is all about 3 key stages:

  • Preparation and Planning
  • Developing a Strong Sales Position
  • Looking after the Principles after Exit

Patrick has invested in several companies across a diverse range of sectors, including IT and Communications, Recruitment, Entertainment and Hospitality. “I enjoy working with people that are enthusiastic about their business’s and want to help entrepreneurs achieve value for what they have worked hard to build”

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family, travelling and flying. He holds a Light Aircraft Pilots License (LAPL) and is studying to complete his Private Pilot License (PPL). Patrick also enjoys renovating old properties, his current project is renovating and old Olive Press on the island of Corfu.


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Barry re-located to the UK in 1995. Barry is an award winning chartered certified accountant and chartered tax adviser, with an unusual drive for success. He is an entrepreneur in his own right, having grown his accountancy practice to a significant size and now incorporates HR and Commercial Finance specialities, alongside his Tax and Accountancy proficiencies.

Barry is an expert at ensuring that your financial statements are clear and concise ensuring and sale is completed with the minimal level of ambiguity. Barry has worked on several SME mergers and acquisitions.


Ian is an Holistic financial planner covering aspects of personal finance related to personal wealth creation. Ian has embedded cashflow modelling as an integral part of his client service proposition, helping people understand their current and future financial position.

Awarded Mortgage IFA of the year 2008, whilst at Positive Solutions. Ian has a passion is for creating bespoke solutions for client needs.


Epsilon works closely with leading UK law firm Penningtons Manches LLP to ensure clients have clear, pragmatic and practical legal advice when embarking on M&As, MBOs and funding rounds.

Penningtons Manches is experienced in guiding businesses throughout the transaction process, helping to identify commercial priorities and fully explaining potential opportunities to achieve business growth objectives. Led by corporate partner Matthew Martin, the firm is recognised for its strong expertise in the technology sector and is well placed to advise both start-ups and high growth businesses on their expansion.

Adopting a focused and creative approach, Penningtons Manches specialist lawyers ensure that transactions progress efficiently and that clients get the deal done in their timeframe.



Achieved exit values of up to
22 x EBITDA multiples


Each partner never exceeds
3 clients simultaneously


Average exit value across all